Jump Force Showcases Latest DLC Fighter Bakugo in an Explosive New Trailer

Bakugo is the latest Jump Force DLC fighter to get his own trailer, showing off both his Quirk and his extremely animated personality.

Jump Force has been showcasing more of its DLC fighters in screenshots and trailers as of late. And thanks to Anime Expo, a new trailer for Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia has been revealed. Through it, we get to see his full explosive might as his uses his powerful Quirk to take down his enemies:

The trailer opens up with him wailing on his opponent — which of course happens to be his long-time rival Deku — using his explosion-based Quirk to set up what must be some pretty damaging combos. He finishes up with a Super Attack, which looks agonizing to be on the receiving end of.

Also is it just me or does Bakugo seem to have better facial and character animation than 90 percent of the roster? Maybe some of the animators are huge fans of the character and wanted to do him justice. Or, considering how expressive he is in both the manga and anime they realized they needed to put even more effort into his animations. Regardless, he looks great and I’m sure fans will be happy to get their hands on the young spitfire.

There’s also plenty of screenshots of Bakugo released beforehand, showing off a bit more of his combat prowless. He was previously revealed, along with several other DLC characters, as the final lineup of fighters joining Jump Force. All Might, also from the same IP, was the second DLC character to join in on the massive crossover.

You can purchase the game for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Be sure to check out our DualShockers review of the game here if you’re still on the fence and want an honest opinion of Jump Force.

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