Jump Force Screenshots Confirm the Inclusion of Dragon Quest’s Dai

Jump Force Screenshots Confirm the Inclusion of Dragon Quest’s Dai

Jump Force has received a new batch of screenshots confirming Dai from Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai will be playable follow last week's leak.

Earlier today, Bandai Namco Entertainment released a story trailer for their highly anticipated 3D fighter Jump Force. Following that trailer, some brand new screenshots for the game were released an confirmed the inclusion of Dai from the popular and long running Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai series.

If you’ve been following Jump Force, you probably know that Dai’s inclusion was leaked before today’s announcement. Last week, a new ad for Jump Force appeared on Instagram that featured not only Jotaro Kujo from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure but Dai from Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai as well. While most of Jump Force’s characters have been confirmed prior to a western announcement due to reveals in Japanese magazines, this has been the only time some Jump Force characters were accidentally leaked by Bandai Namco Entertainment America themselves.

At this time, Jotaro Kujo has not been officially revealed yet, though that announcement will likely be happening in the coming weeks as Jump Force is launching soon. When Dai’s fighting, players can expect him to take advantage of both his classic spell casting and sword fighting abilities. While this may seem somewhat tame by Jump Force’s standards, controlling Dai will probably be a treat for fans of Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai. 

Dai’s inclusion in Jump Force is quite interesting considering his origins. While he still comes from a popular Shonen Jump series like all of Jump Force’s other characters, The Adventures of Dai is based on Square Enix’s Dragon Quest series that is wildly popular in Japan. This would technically make Dai the first guest character from another developer’s game series, though Dai only appears in the Shonen manga.

You can see Dai in action via the new screenshots below. If you want to see some more screenshots of Jump Force characters, you can check out ones that feature Boruto, Kaguya, Gaara, and Kakashi. Hopefully, Dai will make an appearance in a gameplay trailer prior to the game’s upcoming launch.

Jump Force will officially be releasing for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 15 alongside other notable titles like Crackdown 3 and Metro Exodus and can be pre-ordered right now on Amazon. 

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