Jump Force First DLC Content Will be Coming This May

Jump Force's first DLC content and characters will be coming this May. Nine DLC characters will be added to the game in total.

February 18, 2019

Through some magazine leaks, it has been revealed that Bandai Namco will add the first wave of DLC content in Jump Force starting May. While it can be bought separately, all of the planned DLC content for Jump Force is also part of the game’s season pass, and we already know there will be nine DLC characters in total.

We don’t know the identity of those nine new characters, but there’s a fat chance the game will get improved through it. We’ll probably only see more of our favorite Shonen Jump characters being badly modelized and animated. Maybe you haven’t read our full review, or haven’t seen the horribly animated cutscenes all over the internet, but Jump Force is a huge disappointment. As the game is now, you won’t get much out of it besides a way to, maybe, have fun with friends for a few hours.


Even that one friend of mine who’s really into Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai Dai and almost got Jump Force solely because Dai is playable ended up not getting it. They actually screwed up one detail with him too: Dai charges up his power with the two dragon marks on his hands. When he goes into super mode, both marks disappear from his hands to fuse on his forehead instead. But in Jump Force, when he enters this mode and he charges his energy, you can still see the marks on his hands. This basically tells you how much Jump Force lacked attention to details during its development.

I guess one good hypothesis about what went wrong with Jump Force is how they spent all their money on getting each series’ license, plus had a very short development time. The game feels hugely rushed and unfinished, with nearly no animation and direction during the cutscenes, some characters’ lines not being voiced at all, and an overall feeling of poverty, be it its story or its gameplay.

Jump Force is out now for PS4 and PC.

Iyane Agossah

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