Jump Force Debuts Special Interactions in Aizen Gameplay Video

Jump Force Debuts Special Interactions in Aizen Gameplay Video

The latest Jump Force gameplay footage shows combat from Bleach's Aizen, and introduces situational dialogue and interactions into the mix.

Bandai Namco’s crossover fighting game Jump Force is right around the corner, and some brand new gameplay is getting us pumped. Shared on Twitter, roughly two minutes of gameplay focusing on Bleach‘s Sōsuke Aizen shows off wild action and special dialogue and interactions.

The Tweet (seen below) was shared by the US Bandai Namco Twitter account earlier today:

While the gameplay is always a treat, the standout feature noted in special, situational dialogue. Specifically, the video opens with Aizen asking another Bleach character–Ichigo Kurosaki–if he has been well. This is a boon for fans of games in Jump Force, given that pairing up different combinations of characters may lead to new and unique dialogue options and interactions. And even if you aren’t a fan of these other series, you always have to cheer on any feature that adds replayability–despite how minute it may seem.

Outside of confirming special dialogue, the gameplay focuses on Aizen taking on Ichigo Rukia Kuchiki. Though the Aizen player could do better, the slower tempo of the combat gives us a good look of everything happening in the game and an extended view of the action.

Bandai Namco will likely be ramping up gameplay with characters; previously they showed off new gameplay of Deku and Asta from My Hero Academia. And earlier this week, we saw Son Goku and Frieza (both from Dragon Ball franchise) go head-to-head in a similar (though shorter) gameplay session:

With that said, Jump Force has been dominating the news in the fighting scene recently. It was revealed earlier this week that Bandai Namco would open up the title’s open beta from January 18 to January 20 (so clear your calendars). And if you missed it last week, fast food giant (and occasional smug anime girl) Wendy’s had some great banter with Bandai Namco, with the iconic Wendy being re-created in Jump Force’s character creator mode.

Jump Force will launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 15, 2019. If you’d like to pre-order the game you can do so right now over at Amazon, or wait for the game’s open beta that begins next weekend.

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