Jupiter's Legacy Cancelled? and Who are the Supercrooks?

June 3, 2021

Jupiter’s Legacy is likely to be cancelled by Netflix, but who are the Supercrooks from the new green lit show?

Josh Duhamel led the modern-day superhero tale as Sheldon Sampson, a.k.a. The Utopian – a veteran leader of the Union of Justice. Leslie Bibb and Ben Daniels also contributed to showcasing a new wave of superheroes, as the mantle was passed down to the characters’ children.

The show juggled family drama with the exploration of the Union’s origins, and was created by Steven S. DeKnight of Netflix’s Daredevil fame. 


Has Jupiter’s Legacy Been Cancelled?

Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Netflix has not officially cancelled the show yet, but the platform’s decision to green light another Mark Millar comic book adaptation suggests that it could be on its way out.

The overview of the show’s imminent cancellation highlights negative reviews from critics responding to the first eight episodes. The response from Netflix users was much the same, as the consensus critiqued the show’s muddled tone.

The Union of Justice was already off to a rocky start to begin with, as its fan base is relatively small. The similarly named team of superheroes also appeared in the shadow of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and sported costumes that were anything but subtle.

The often comical tone mixed with the pantomime aesthetic failed to gel with the show’s serious tone, which is ultimately why it ended up being a dud with viewers.

Who are the Supercrooks?

Credit: So Geekin’ Awesome

Mark Millar’s comic book series ‘Supercrooks’ hosts a collection of supervillains existing within the world of Jupiter’s Legacy

Netflix is planning to produce a Jupiter’s Legacy anthology series, dubbed the ‘Millarworld’, and the antagonists will be the next test for the series’ survival. 

Villains such as con artists and thieves answer to the electric (literally) Johnny Bolt, who should be the protagonist of the adaptation. However, is it wise to debut this universe when the superhero genre is currently bursting at the seams? 

The streaming service’s decision to shoe-horn another superhero series into an already dense lineup of comic content was always going to be a gamble. 

With shows like The Boys and the litany of planned Disney Plus shows from Marvel, in addition to the expanding DC Universe, it’s becoming apparent that it may not be the right time for Jupiter’s Legacy to shine.

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