Jurassic World Evolution has Surpassed One Million Copies Sold

Jurassic World Evolution has Surpassed One Million Copies Sold

The dinosaur park management sim Jurassic World Evolution has hit its first sales milestone nearly a month after release.

Frontier Developments has announced that their dinosaur park management sim Jurassic World Evolution has now sold one million copies a little over a month after release.

These sales are totaled from both the digital and physical versions of Jurassic World Evolution. Originally, the game released digitally last month on June 12 with physical copies releasing on PS4 and Xbox One earlier this month on July 3.

“We are really pleased with Jurassic World Evolution and are delighted to have crossed the 1 million unit threshold so quickly,” Frontier CEO David Braben said in a statement. He also acknowledged that the new Jurassic World film release has likely helped their game in sales by saying, “There is no doubt that initial sales have benefitted from the worldwide awareness created by the film release, but it’s the quality of the game that’s really important and I believe our team have done a terrific job in creating a game that a wide range of players are now enjoying around the world”.

We reviewed Jurassic World Evolution earlier this month and found it to be highly enjoyable though not without flaws. If you’d like to continue adding to the game’s sales, you can head over to Amazon now and pick yourself up a copy on PS4 or Xbox One.