Jurassic World Evolution Video Shows How You Work with Dinosaurs

In this third developer diary of Jurassic World Evolution, Frontier Development focuses on how to create and care for the dinosaurs in your park.

June 3, 2018

With Jurassic World Evolution’s June 12th release date quickly approaching, Frontier Development continued to build anticipation today by adding a third part to their development diary series. The video released today titled “Working with Dinosaurs” focuses on the main stars of the game, the dinosaurs themselves.

Since there would be no park without any dinosaurs, the developers describe how players will have to bioengineer them from genome data collected by expedition teams that they send out. With enough genome data, a dinosaur can then be incubated and the real fun begins.

Players will manage not only the dinosaurs’ basic needs like hunger and thirst but also those specific to each type of dinosaur. The developers give the example of how herbivores will need extra attention given to their social needs while the carnivores will need to hunt.

Because this is Jurassic World, the dinosaurs will test their fences and obviously escape. Players will need to take control right way to ensure that neither the dinosaurs or the park’s guests are harmed. Basically, pay better attention to your park than anybody ever did in the movies.

You can check out the third development diary about the game’s stars below and also watch the first installment called “Welcome to Jurassic World” and the second one called “Taking Control”Jurassic World Evolution is currently set to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on June 12.

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