Just Cause 4 Leaked by Ad on Steam

Just Cause 4 Leaked by Ad on Steam

Another E3 surprise has been spoiled by an ad dropped on the Steam client, inadvertently publicizing a new chapter of the Just Cause series.

Nowadays leaks seem to be the norm more than the exception, especially before E3.

Steam just did its own round of leaking, by letting a promotional image of Just Cause 4 appear on its client. Just like that.

Unfortunately, while the menu does have a “click for details” button, pushing it doesn’t yield any result, as the store listing obviously isn’t open to the public.  If you hurry, you can probably find the image yourself, as it has not been taken down yet at the moment of this writing.

For the moment, there is no information on platforms (besides obviously PC) and release dates, but it appears that the iconic grappling hook will be back.

We’re probably going to hear more at E3 in just a few days.

If you’re interested in the Just Cause series, known for its extreme destruction, large explosions, and massive open worlds, you can check out our review of this game’s predecessor: Just Cause 3.