Avalanche Studios Discuss Just Cause 4’s Rico and How They’ve Refined Him

Avalanche Studios Discuss Just Cause 4’s Rico and How They’ve Refined Him

Just Cause 4 will be really testing Rico with the new weather elements arriving for the action-packed title according to this behind-the-scenes video.

After Avalanche Studios’ Just Cause 4 was leaked on an advert on Steam, I had hoped we’d actually see the title at E3. As it happened we did end up with an announcement during this years E3 2018. In one video of a series of behind-the-scenes videos that have been released, the developers have given us a more in-depth look at the action-fueled protagonist Rico Rodriguez and how they’ve changed him as a character for Just Cause 4.

The video introduces us to the developers explaining that the hero of Just Cause 4 is to be more vulnerable than before by putting him against something that will challenge him. From a developmental point of view, Avalanche Studios say that they believe past versions of Rico haven’t been believable as a character himself. They basically stated that it felt like they were just giving players an avatar and then just did what they wanted without much consequence.

Just Cause 4 is being given more realism, as a result, to bring more consequential actions to the gameplay, such as a more realistic wingsuit that reacts more to the wind and the surrounding world. Weather is the main new challenge and plays a large part in bringing out Rico’s vulnerable side and being something he can’t physically fight or destroy. Playing out as his weakness, the weather system from the new game engine will encourage the protagonist to seek out help from other characters.

While this helps to give him a vulnerable side, his hero side will still remain intact amongst waves of bullets, explosions, and with his trusty grappling hook. The characters in-game are said to all be a reflection of parts of Rico that are missing, allowing them to explore him more. As a result, they say they’ve made Rico a bit more rugged and rougher than previous versions but have allowed him to still be the hero players know and love.

You can watch the video below. Just Cause 4 heading to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on the 4th December, 2018.