Just Cause Mobile Revealed in Debut Trailer, Showcases Impressive Graphics

Just Cause Mobile Revealed in Debut Trailer, Showcases Impressive Graphics

During The Game Awards a debut trailer announcing Just Cause Mobile was dropped, showing off impressive gameplay and graphics.

Just Cause Mobile was revealed during The Game Awards 2020 in a one minute gameplay trailer jampacked with surprisingly detailed graphics and gaameplay. Despite the medium, the title so far seems to accurately represent what makes the franchise so addictive in the first place:

While no release date has been officially announced, the coming soon at the end of the trailer suggests a reveal of that soon enough. Also judging from publisher Square Enix’s logo being featured prominently at the start, it seems that the company will continue to make Just Cause titles without the original developers at the helm.

This is due to the fact that, according to a report from Gamesindustry.biz, Avalanche Studios co-founder and Just Cause creator Christofer Sundberg has formed Liquid Swords, a new game studio in Stockholm. According to Sundberg: “We have no intention of reshaping the world of storytelling as we know it. Our road to leaving our mark and making a difference in the industry is built first and foremost on games that are immediately accessible and consistently rewarding.”

Liquid Swords will work on open-world action games for next-gen consoles, PC, and streaming platforms. While the studio is headquartered in Stockholm, there will be several other locations around the world. Sundberg went on to say that this new studio aims to make a creative and fun workplace that has a “no-nonsense, game development-focused approach.”

Avalanche Studios is most well-known for making the Just Cause series. The most recent entry in the series is Just Cause 4 which released in December 2018. They also helped develop id Software’s Rage 2 in 2019 and additionally made Mad Max in 2015, a game that released the same year as WB’s Mad Max: Fury Road.

Just Cause 4, which we reviewed here, is currently one of several games free for PS Plus members this month alongside Worms Rumble and Rocket Arena.

In a report from Deadline, the upcoming movie adaptation of Just Cause has landed a director with Michael Dowse. According to the report, early details on the film clarify that it will stick pretty close to the premise of the game series, with Rico Rodriguez as the main protagonist (no word yet on who will play him, however). The film will reportedly follow Rico on “a race-against-time mission to stop the mercenary group The Black Hand.” Additionally, the Just Cause film is also set to feature a female co-lead protagonist, which Deadline says will give the film “a Romancing the Stone vibe.”