Just Dance 2017 Receives Launch Trailer for Nintendo Switch

New trailer showcases players dancing at home and on the go.

on March 4, 2017 11:49 AM

Recently, a new trailer was released for Just Dance 2017 to showcase the game’s functionality on Nintendo Switch. In this video, we see players utilizing the Switch in both TV mode and handheld mode to play the game with others. We also see them utilizing the system’s Joy-Cons to play the game, much like it used to be played on the Wii and Wii U.

Just Dance 2017 is just one of twelve games that are available on the Switch at launch. Other notable games include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild1-2 SwitchI Am SetsunaShovel Knight, and Fast RMX.

Last year, we gave Just Dance 2017 a rating of “good” when reviewing it for the Xbox One. We also reviewed the Nintendo Switch itself a few short days ago, which you can check out in full here.

If you have a Switch yourself and you’re looking for more games to buy during this launch weekend, then be sure to watch the trailer below and see if you think the game would appeal to you.

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