Just Die Already Teaser Reveals Elderly Buttocks Death Stranding Style

The latest teaser begs for that Kojima friendship.

“Hideo Kojima, please unblock my number.” The opening title sequence reads before the actual teaser plays out. But then, that’s not the end of the Kojima references as the Just Die Already teaser continues to play out in a way mimicking that Death Stranding trailer that featured a naked Norman Reedus on a beach.

Developed by DoubleMoose, the sandbox game has you playing as an elderly person, able to wander the world and assault other, younger human beings. The story is set within a near-future world where people aren’t procreating because they’re wanting to play video games more than do the naughty bed thing. As an old person who has been kicked out of their retirement home, it’s up to you to complete challenges to earn retirement tickets to qualify for free retirement care.

Last month, an announcement trailer showed off what sort of gameplay you can expect from Just Die Already, such as wacky, comical antics, and character customization. If you think the gameplay looks familiar to something, you’d be right. It’s being developed by the designers behind Goat Simulator.

Released yesterday, the above teaser trailer was revealed and after asking Hideo Kojima to unblock DoubleMoose co-founder’s number, the rest of the trailer plays out in a similar way to that Death Stranding trailer. You’ve got the sweeping shot going across a beach, crustacean carcasses scattered around, and eventually, you wind up with a naked person, crawling to their knees and cradling a…what is that? A long sausage?

A camera eventually tilts upwards to reveal the Just Die Already logo and then fades to the outro which contains a message for Kojima. The message, mostly being random fan-like comments about wanting to be friends with him, but it also mentions, “we added you to the credits of Goat Sim like 6 years ago, it’s true, you can look it up.” If I can just point out though, the official Twitter account for the studio doesn’t even follow Hideo Kojima.

At current, it looks as if Just Die Already is only to be available on PC at some point this Summer. On June 16, a playable demo should be available which will be available until June 22.

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