Just Shapes and Beats Gets a Shovel Knight-Inspired Mixtape

Just Shapes and Beats is getting a Shovel Knight-filled infusion of new music and challenges. The update includes several remixes of classic tracks.

Just Shapes and Beats is a fun action rhythm game from the team at Berzerk Studio. It mixes excellent, bumping music with challenging level design to make something is astounding to watch, especially when a player is particularly skilled. The team announced today that they will be dropping a crossover mixtape with Shovel Knight. And it’s coming sooner than you might think. Give the new trailer a watch below.

This is the second mixtape for Just Shapes and Beats. The first mixtape didn’t really have a theme, so this is the first big crossover for the game. From the sampling in the trailer, the remixed music seems to fit in perfectly. It really feels like they’ve taken those SNES-inspired and modernized them just enough to fit in with the game’s aesthetic.

Of course, it’s not just tunes that are included in the update. While playing through the new songs, you’ll also need to overcome new hazards that add a Shovel Knight flair. Plus, there’s a brand-new boss for you take on. It’s very easy to see how hectic this mixtape will become when you jump into Hardcore mode.

Whether you’re a long-time Just Shapes and Beats veteran or just jumping in for the first time, this looks like it’s going to be a great playlist to play through. The mashup feels oddly appropriate given how tough both games can get.

Just Shapes and Beats is available now on Linux, Nintendo Switch, Mac, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Shovel Knight mixtape will come as a free update on December 4.

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