Just Survive Servers Are Shutting Down Today, But There's Still Hope for a Revival in the Future

Just Survive's server may have just been shut down by Daybreak Games, but the survival title could see a revival in the future, courtesy of NantG Mobile.

October 24, 2018

No online game lasts forever. While some titles like For Honor find a large player base and tons of success as a result, others aren’t as lucky. The latest victim of an online server shutdown is Just Survive, the online survival game that spun off the survival component of H1Z1. At the time of this article’s posting, Just Survive’s official servers have just been shut down by Daybreak Games.

While the developers did give us notice back in August, it’s still sad to see the game’s servers go. That being said, the road to get here has been a branding whirlwind. The game initially contained both a survival mode and one of the earliest battle royale modes was initially released to Steam Early Access in 2015 as just H1Z1. In 2016, Daybreak Games decided to split the game off into two projects: H1Z1: Just Survive and H1Z1: King of the Kill.


H1Z1: King of the Kill was eventually re-branded to just H1Z1, while H1Z1: Just Survive’s title was shortened to Just Survive. Both titles saw dwindling player bases in the years to follow, but Daybreak Games was recently able to revive H1Z1 with the game’s move to free-to-play and PS4 launch.Following this revitalization, the game was given a new title: Z1 Battle Royale. During this whole ordeal, Just Survive was supported, but there wasn’t ever as much focus on it as Z1 Battle Royale.

Eventually, the pros of keeping its servers open became outweighed by the cons, and Daybreak Games came to the decision to shut down Just Survive’s servers today. As its an online game, Just Survive is no longer playable and thus has been taken off of Steam. There may be some hope for Just Survive to be revived in the future though, it the farewell post by the developers is to be believed.

Even though Just Survive’s original developer Daybreak Games does not want to bring the title back, one of their development partners is interested. This partner is NantG Mobile, a developer currently working on EverQuest Mobile and helping to support Z1 Battle Royale. That being said, these talks are just that so nothing has come from them yet. You can check out Daybreak’s full statement on the matter below:

“While this chapter for Just Survive has come to an end, we are discussing the possibility of allowing our partner and developer of Z1 Battle Royale, NantG Mobile, to bring Just Survive back online and take over development of the game sometime in the future. Should we have further information to share regarding that matter, we’ll be sure to inform you accordingly.”

For now, Just Survive’s servers are offline, but we will let you know if Daybreak Games and NantG Mobile decide to revive the game. In the meantime, you can play Z1 Battle Royale on PC and PS4.

Tomas Franzese

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