Justin and Danl Ran Off to Vegas Together, So No More Updates This Weekend

on February 19, 2011 2:49 PM

Justin and Danl Ran Off to Vegas Together, So No More Updates This Weekend

Just kidding brahs.

…or am I?

…no really, I am. If you all haven’t noticed, we’ve undergone an unbelievable amount of growth in a really short amount of time, both in terms of content and loyal readers. As such, our old janky servers can’t handle that crazy amount of traffic our questionable features and intellectually bankrupt ‘Shopped headers are bringing us. You might have noticed the site running a bit sluggish in recent weeks for that very reason.

But fret not! This weekend we’re movin’ on up, upgrading to some brand new shiny dedicated servers, downloading more Internets, all that good stuff. Unfortunately, that means no more updates for this weekend.

We’ll be up and running again at full speed come Monday, with our usual variety of fine, amazing, completely unprofessional writing, so until then, sit patiently, go play some vidjagames in your backlog, go outside, do something else.

On behalf of the entire DualShockers crew, I just want to thank each and every one of you readers and fans; ¬†you’re all the reason why we’ve grown into the “kind of a big deal” we are today. All y’all rule.

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