Top-Down Shooter Jydge Announced by 10tons

10tons' newest shooter Jydge lets you control a robocop, literally.

Developer 10tons announced their newest top-down shooter this week. Titled Jydge, the game lets you play as a cybernetically enhanced cop and wipe out crime in the fictional city of Edenbyrg.

Unlike its last top-down shooter Neon Chrome, Jydge utilizes non-procedural levels. The decision to go with static, unchanging level design was based on feedback received from Neon Chrome. CEO Tero Alatalo spoke about the change and said:

While Neon Chrome has been a great success for us, we quickly learned that procedurally generated levels and roguelike elements are not for everyone. We’ve built JYDGE specifically for people preferring a carefully hand-crafted yet highly customizable top-down shooter. We call this a roguehate game.

Customization has always been a priority for 10tons’ shooters, as evidenced by  games like Neon Chrome and Crimsonland. Jydge will let you add various augments to your character in order to increase health, defense etc. Weapons can be modified and players will also be able to deploy drones.

Players can build their character to a variety of different builds in Jydge such as stealth, heavy assault or drone focused. Of course, it would not be a 10tons game without a plethora of mission objectives. In addition to completing levels, you can earn special rewards by eliminating enemies in a certain time frame, rescuing a certain number of hostages, etc.

If you have not played any of their other games such as Crimsonland, Livelock or Sparkle, I suggest you do as 10tons tends to focus on making really enjoyable games centered around fun and laughing. Jydge is currently on the Steam Greenlight program, and is set to release on PC, Xbox One and PS4 in Q4 2017.

You can see the announcement trailer and some images from the game below.

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