LoveR Gets New Gameplay Videos, Streaming Guidelines, Release Day Stream

LoveR Gets New Gameplay Videos, Streaming Guidelines, Release Day Stream

Kadokawa Games published new story gameplay for LoveR and asks players to properly tag spoilers in their video content and live streams.

Kadokawa Games published multiple gameplay videos for LoveR, the new game by Ichirou Sugiyama and studio Sweet One. LoveR mixes dating sim and photography elements, and follows the legacy of True Love StoryPhoto Kano, and Reco Love, while adding all new elements such as voice recognition during dialogues and photo shoots. Each new gameplay video showcases each of the girls’ storyline first event, following their prologues.

The first gameplay video focuses on Nanatsu, the protagonist’s childhood friend. After pointing out how lame the protagonist’s camera is for not even being waterproof, the discussion switches toward how she’d like him to join an athletic club rather than the photography club. When the protagonist mentions how he took pictures of girls other than her, she gets angry.

Next, we’ve got Crista’s first event, where she ends up taking a pretty weird pose trying to find new angles to take pictures of the sky from. As we already explained, Crista has an interest in photography like the protagonist, but only takes monochrome shots for some reason. She says that despite the colorfulness of the world, colors don’t reverberate in her heart.

Next we’ve got school idol Romi, and her first event has the protagonist witnessing one of her daily after-school lives. After her live, Romi visits the protagonist in his clubroom and is shocked at how bad the pictures he took are. Romi then shares some of her circumstances with the protagonist, like how she’s not the center of her idol group despite being the most popular member, and how she’s the one who proposed turning the dance club into a school idol group in the first place. She tells the protagonist that she dances and sings to bring happiness to people, and how it might not be so different than photography. As such, Romi wants the protagonist to advertise her through the photo club’s website and social media in exchange for the photos he takes, and they end up exchanging contacts.

The next video has the protagonist witnessing one of Rinze’s training sessions. While he’s amazed by her gymnastics skills, Rinze notes that it’s nothing special. Following their discussion in the prologue, Rinze asks the protagonist if he didn’t take any weird pictures, and he assures her he didn’t, and how her coach will actually check the pictures he took later.

Another gameplay video was featured in an episode of Magical Yumina, LoveR‘s official virtual YouTuber. It shows one of the story events of Yumina’s storyline and one of the many discussions you can have with the girls, each girl having around 5000 different voiced lines.

Kadokawa Games also published guidelines for video content and streaming of LoveR. Players can freely share videos and stream the game, as long as they properly tag story spoilers. Developing studio Sweet One also indicated on Twitter that Share functionalities aren’t blocked while playing LoveR. You can find many more screenshots and very short gameplay videos of LoveR on Sweet One’s Twitter account.


Lastly, Kadokawa Games announced an official LoveR stream with five female streamers playing the game. The stream will be held on March 14, the game’s release day, at 20:00 JST. You can access the stream’s page here.

LoveR launches on PlayStation 4 on March 14 in Japan. You can read more with our previous coverage: