Kairosoft Releases Their Next iOS Title Hot Springs Story

By Michael Perry

March 1, 2011

Late last year, Kairosoft released their first iOS platform game called Game Dev Story which was an addictive little title having the player run their own game studio. This game made my top ten games of 2010 last year and was one of the most addictive ones I played. I literally sat for hours on the couch phone in hand watching my little characters catch fire working hard on their games just to see those jerk journalists give the game a 6/10 and say something like “I don’t get it.” Game Dev Story recently went on sale for .99 so if you missed it, I would still say buy the game at full price; it’s worth the money.

But it’s a new year and Kairosoft has unveiled Hot Springs Story. The same basic principle in intact, but you are running an Inn type of business that has spas, restaurants, and other amenities to help keep your customers happy. You can make your building bigger and keep adding to it so you can attract more people. Aesthetically, the game looks a lot like Game Dev Story, but they’ve updated the engine a bit to handle things like zoom and playing in landscape mode, which I prefer since my phone stayed plugged in a lot for those long hours of Game Dev Story playing.

I seen John Davison from Gamespot mention this game on twitter as I was out shopping and immediately stopped and bought the game. I haven’t really dived into it quite yet but it looks to retain the same type of gameplay that made Game Dev so addicting.

[Hot Springs Story]

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