Kaleidoscope of Phantasm Prison Reveals New Details on Karin, Comments from Ryukishi07 and Minori Suzuki

Staff and cast comments on Karin Tamaru, one of the heroines in 07th Expansion's upcoming horror game Gensou Rougoku no Kaleidoscope.

September 3, 2019

Once per week, Entergram updates the official site for Gensou Rougoku no Kaleidoscope. Each time, new information on one of the game’s four heroines is revealed. This includes new artwork, voice samples, and comments from the staff and cast.

This week, we’re taking a look at Karin Tamaru, voiced by Minori Suzuki. In her voice samples, Karin talks about she always liked boys-oriented media. The two last voice samples have Karin being much more violent, telling someone to shut up “because animals don’t speak”.

Next, we’ve got new comments from scenarist Ryukishi07, character designer Itaru Hinoue, and Karin’s seiyuu Minori Suzuki:

Ryukishi07’s comments on Karin:

Karin is a cheerful girl who always loved to play with the boys. Like Fuuka, Karin follows a classic heroine pattern. Karin wishes to change how people perceive her but this isn’t an easy task. Seeing she’s attending her local high school, most students there already knew her since grade school. The way she tries her best in secret to be more perceived as a girl is very endearing. I love situations like these, when a girl turns out to be a shy, pure maiden who’s trying to be more feminine.

Itaru Hinoue’s comments on Karin:

Just like Fuuka, Karin also has a standard heroine design, seeing she has twintails. However, the ends of her hairs are cut straight like bangs. This isn’t sometihng you often see with twintails. I included that to make Karin unique. And her thick eyebrows are also part of her charm!

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Minori Suzuki’s comments:

Please tell us your impressions about the game:

I’ve always been a fan of Ryukishi07’s works, so the first time I read the script I was so moved (laughs).  Karin Tamaru is like a heroine with a righteous heart. At times she feels like an honorable old man, sometimes she feels like a pure maiden, and at times she becomes violent… Karin has many charming, different sides, and it was great discovering them as I voiced her. I really love her!

Please tell us your impressions about voicing Karin and what we should look forward to in the game:

I pretty much got free reign on how to voice Karin in every scene of the game. It was tons of fun. And just like many other girls in Ryukishi07 sensei’s works, Karin also has a catchphrase. It’d be nice if she leaves a strong impression on you. I also got to scream as much as I wanted, as if I was ripping out my clothes (laughs).

Minori Suzuki started as a seiyuu by voicing Freyja in Macross Delta in 2016, winning the 8000+ entries audition which was organized for it. Judging from Ryukishi07 and Minori Suzuki’s comments, Karin is quite similar to Higurashi‘s Mion.

Gensou Rougoku no Kaleidoscope was revealed in early August. The game’s official nickname is “Gerokasu“, which means “trash” or “vomit” in Japanese.

You can read the first staff and cast comments and check the game’s first opening movie in a previous article We also translated in a follow-up article all of the characters’ profiles, how the game works, and more staff and cast comments.

You can read similar comments from the staff on Fuuka, another heroine in Gerokasu. More staff and cast comments for another heroine will be revealed when Gerokasu‘s official site gets updated again.

Gensou Rougoku no Kaleidoscope launches on PS Vita, PS4 and Switch on November 28 in Japan. Seeing the huge names on the game, Ryukishi07 and Itaru Hinoue, it’s highly likely it’ll get localized in the west. I don’t think the PS Vita version will make it though.

Another new game by Ryukishi07, Ciconia When They Cry Episode 1, is launching on PC on October 4. A new version of Umineko containing a new episode also launches the same day. Ciconia Episode 1 is supposed to launch in English simultaneously with Japan. Ciconia is also getting a demo on September 4.

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