Kamiya Drops More Hints at a Bayonetta Sequel

Former Capcom front man Hideki Kamiya, creator of such acclaimed series as Okami and Viewtiful Joe (the main characters from both of these games will feature in MvC3) has taken to Twitter, yet again, to continue throwing bones at Bayonetta fans.

You’ll remember when about a little while ago, Kamiya took to the social networking site to respond to rampant questioning about a Bayonetta 2. His response to these questions was quickly dissected and Platinum Games themselves addressed the rumors in response to the uproar it caused.

Fast forward to now and he’s up to those same tricks, only this time his responses are much less vague. Hit the break for the scoop on the would-be sequel that’s lighting up the net.

When Kamiya was asked if we could look forward to seeing a new installment in a Platinum Games series at Tokyo Game Show 2011, he responded:

“You’ll see soon.”

He was then asked if this game would star a gun toting, hair wielding, angel slaying witch, to which he responded with the above quote, again. Technically speaking, if we were to see a new entry in a PG game starring a hair witch “soon”, the quote could be interpreted as confirmation.

An uproar ensued, yet again, and shook the internet with headlines like “Bayonetta 2 Officially Confirmed”. Kamiya responded to this saying that he had poor English and really meant:

“You’ll see now what I’m doing,”

It is obviously damage control but I think it’s too late Kamiya. Excitement and speculation for the game are at an all time high and I absolutely refuse to believe that a developer is creating this much hype for an unconfirmed game “accidentally”.


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