Ex-Senran Kagura Producer Announces Kandagawa Jet Girls

Kenichiro Takaki announces Kandagawa Jet Girls, a collaboration projet between Marvelous, Kadokawa, anime studio EGG FIRM and himself.

July 26, 2019

Kenichiro Takaki announced a brand new game today, Kandagawa Jet Girls. No platforms were announced.

Kandagawa Jet Girls is a collaboration between Marvelous, Kadokawa and anime company EGG FIRM. Nothing was really revealed about it besides the title. More will be revealed on August 1 during a live stream. It’ll be broadcast on YouTube,  Niconico, and Periscope.

The stream will include Takaki and two seiyuu who appear in the game. August 1 has been specifically chosen for the day of the stream as it can be considered as boobs days.

While Kenichiro Takaki left Marvelous to join Cygames, he mentioned in a Famitsu interview we covered he would finish his work on the upcoming Senran Kagura 7even and keep collaborating with Marvelous in the future.


At Cygames, Kenichiro Takaki is currently the director of the Consumer Division, a new division created on April 1, 2019. Kandagawa Jet Girls seems to be different than the other project Takaki spoke about in another Famitsu interview we covered. Moreover, Takaki teased that another announcement about one of his projects will be coming sometime later, so it’s probably not the same multimedia project.

Kandagawa Jet Girls sounds like a typical mobage with cute girls to collect. Or rather cute girls by post-2010 standards where most character designs aren’t the kinds I’m fond of. I can’t say I’m really interested. And while Takaki pitched the other project quite well with the Jackie Chan movies comparison and everything, I’m not really excited about the other project either. But well we’ll see on August 1.

Iyane Agossah

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