Kandagawa Jet Girls First Gameplay, Game Exclusive Characters, Comments from Takaki (Updated)

Kandagawa Jet Girls' opening animation was revealed. Kenichiro Takaki also explained how clothing damage works and gave an in-universe reason for it.

September 26, 2019

Update: Added YouTube links at the right timestamps for the gameplay sequences instead of Periscope links.

Marvelous held the second stream for anime and PS4 game Kandagawa Jet Girls on September 25. The stream included producer Kenichiro Takaki, and the seiyuu Yu Sasahara, Riko Kohara, Azusa Tadokoro, and Aya Suzaki.

Before reading further, I recommend checking our previous coverage as I’m not going to reexplain certain things. We’ve got character profiles here, and tons of game system details, screenshots, and preorder goods samples here.

The stream started with a premiere of the anime’s first episode, which was okay. I think most anime’s first episodes are bad, even if the series turns into a masterpiece in the end, because they try to cram too many things in them. One particular thing is showing every single main character for a one-liner. Kandagawa Jet Girls‘ first episode did that.


Anyway, during the jet racing scene at the end of episode 1, Misa gets hit by water gun bullets. When she gets hit, part of her suit gets “purged”, revealing her swimsuit underneath. Takaki explained that this is a purge system included in the suits to absorb shocks and damage, so they don’t feel much pain when hit by the water guns. This happens in the game as well, with the girls getting their suits purged this way if they get hit too much. While I’ve never been into Senran Kagura, it’s interesting how Takaki tries to justify sexual fanservice in-universe in his works, and he’s still continuing that with Kandagawa Jet Girls.

Takaki also mentioned Kandagawa Jet Girls‘ story has multiple main themes, and one of them is how Rin and Misa will change as they partner up and interact with each other.

Next, Takaki revealed that while the characters’ roles as Jetter and Shooter are fixed in the anime, you can switch who pilots and who shoots in the game. You can have Misa piloting instead of Rin. In free mode, you can also pair up anyone with anyone.

Next, they revealed the two silver-haired characters who appeared on the game’s limited edition box. They’re game exclusive characters.

The one on the right is called Kamui Kurenai. The one sleeping is called Naraku Mamiya. They’re from Kagurazaka Technical High School, their team name is Grindcore, and they pilot the Lavcar Mark IV. Unlike all the other Jet Machines revealed, it has no brand maker because Kamui made it herself. Takaki said Kamui and Naraku are super strong.

Here are their translated profiles from the official site:

Kamui Kurenai, voiced by Yuki Matsuoka

Kamui travels the world with Naraku, searching for a mysterious red pearl. They ended up finding the pearl buried at Kagurazaka Technical High School. They decided to transfer there to mine out the red pearl. One day, Kamui coincidentally discovered Jet Racing and got engrossed. So she remodeled her mining machine into a Jet Machine. She has an extremely aggressive way of piloting, focusing on speed, and slowing down literally isn’t in her vocabulary. She hates corners and because of that, she tends to just keep accelerating instead of trying to take them properly. She’s very good at going fast but the rest of her piloting skills suck.

Position: Jetter
Age: 18 Years old
3rd year of high school
Birthday: September 22
Blood Type: Unknown
Height: 173cm
Three sizes: B95/W55/H87
Chest cup size: I Cup
Hobbies: Unknown
Favorite food: Unknown

Naraku Mamiya, voiced by Yūko Kaida

A girl who travels with Kamui. She’s mostly silent and expressionless. She likes to do puns. She constantly feels sleepy and can even fall asleep during races. Her aim is extremely good, as long as she doesn’t fall asleep.
You can hear one of Naraku’s puns by listening to her first voice sample on the official site. She says “Kamui ga sou nozomu nara, ikusa ni ikusa”, which means “I’ll even wage war if you wish so Kamui”. using both “ikusa” to say “war” and “go”. It’s the kind of dumb puns translators aren’t paid enough for.

Position: Shooter
Age: 16 Years old
2nd year of high school
Birthday: July 15
Blood Type: 0
Height: 151 cm
Three sizes: B91/W56/H82
Chest cup size: G Cup
Hobbies: Sleeping
Favorite food: Strawberry gum

Next, Takaki also mentioned how the story mode, (there’s one for each pair of girls), has differences from what will happen in the anime. Doing a character’s story will also teach you things about them they won’t necessarily show in the anime.

Next, they revealed the opening animation sequence for the game.

Next, we got to see the character customization mode. The stream’s replay isn’t accessible yet on YouTube, so I’m including Periscope links for now. Basically, you can make any character don any other character’s costume and hairstyle. You can also change the color of the skin, clothes, eyes, eyebrows and hair. The clothes’ transparency can also be changed with the “gloss” option.

After that they played the game live, revealing gameplay for the first time. Takaki and the seiyuu all played the game one by one. Takaki’s comments and the gameplay shows the game is closer to Mario Kart than Wave Race 64. Takaki explained how you can do tricks during your jumps to get speed boosts. And if you press accel on the second start light with the right timing when starting a race, you’ll get a boost. Failing the timing doesn’t make you go start slower though.

In my case, I found the gameplay nice looking, and the game looks fun. I’ll probably get this one day but not at full price at launch.

Kandagawa Jet Girls launches on January 16 2020 in Japan, exclusively on PS4.

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