Kandagawa Jet Girls Gets Gameplay Showcasing Story Mode, Online Multiplayer, Senran Kagura DLC Characters

Marvelous published gameplay videos with seiyuu Ai Fairouz, Rumi Okubo, and Riko Kohara playing Kandagawa Jet Girls on PS4.

December 30, 2019

Marvelous published new gameplay videos for Kandagawa Jet Girls, showcasing some jet-ski races, the story mode, the online mode, and the paid DLC exclusive Senran Kagura characters.

The first gameplay video features seiyuu Ai Fairouz, who voices Emily Orange,  or the “blonde girl with a big chest” to quote her. Producer Kenichiro Takaki is there too, along with Riko Kohara (far right). She voices Misa Aoi, the anime’s other protagonist with Rin Namiki. There are some customization gameplay starting 15:30, some racing gameplay at 20:00, and more racing gameplay but with Senran Kagura‘s Yumi and Asuka at 24:20. Multiple Senran Kagura characters can be obtained via DLC and we detailed that in another article. Lastly, at 43:00, Ai Fairouz plays the game against Riko Kohara.


The second gameplay video features seiyuu Rumi Okubo, who voices Pan Tsui. Starting 14:25 we see some of the story mode featuring Pan Tsui and her twin sister and jet racing partner Pan Tina (Naomi Ohzora). These two are twins and also do dol activities together. There are multiple scenes when they both speak at the same time and they’re in perfect synch, which shows how amazing of a seiyuu Rumi Okubo is since just like with most Japanese games, each seiyuu recorded their dialogue alone. The game has a different story mode for each duo of characters, showing developments different than in the anime. The dialogues in story mode are fully voiced and are presented in a visual-novel like way.

Starting 32:10, everyone on stream starts playing together, with Rumi Okubo and Riko Kohara playing their respective characters and getting a head start. Takaki is playing Asuka and Yumi, and the stream MC guy is playing game exclusive characters Kamui and Naraku. Note that they are playing online on four different PS4s, and they simply split the screen for the stream. Kandagawa Jet Girls doesn’t feature 4 players split-screen multiplayer like Wave Racer Blue Storm on Gamecube, which is a shame actually.

Both videos are fun to listen to if you’re a seiyuu fan. Personally speaking, Ai Fairouz is one of my favorite newcomers seiyuu. She also voiced Hibiki in How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? a cool fitness comedy anime we explained in another article. Rumi Okubo is also another favorite of mine as she voiced many characters I love such as Mia Ageha in the Pretty Rhythm and Pretty Series franchises.

In my opinion, Kandagawa Jet Girls would be much better if only it was a little bit faster. It’s obviously still early to judge though when I didn’t play the game myself yet. However, seiyuu I like being in the cast isn’t enough to make me buy the game at launch and I’ll wait for initial reactions after its launch in two weeks. It’s quite ironic how the anime has the same problem, as the races can be incredibly uneventful as well. I’m not sure how they managed to make races in a jet-ski racing anime this bland, and what happens outside the races isn’t that interesting most of the time either. Episodes 6 and 7 were pretty touching though. The anime is ending soon, and I’m hoping the last episodes will manage to make the ride worthwhile.

You can read check out Kandagawa Jet Girls‘ characters profiles, most notably the game-only characters, more gameplay, and comments from Producer Kenichiro Takaki in our past coverage here, here and here.

A short gameplay video with Asuka and Yumi was also published by Marvelous and is included below.

Kandagawa Jet Girls launches on January 16, 2020, in Japan, exclusively on PS4. The game wasn’t announced in the west.

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