Kandagawa Jet Girls to Launch on PS4, Trailer for the TV Anime Starting This October (UPDATED)

Kandagawa Jet Girls to Launch on PS4, Trailer for the TV Anime Starting This October (UPDATED)

Kandagawa Jet Girls introduced its characters designed by Naruko Hanaharu and revealed it'll feature lookalikes from Senran Kagura.

Marvelous held today a stream introducing its new multimedia franchise Kandagawa Jet Girls, produced by Kenichiro Takaki, the ex-producer of Senran Kagura, who now works at Cygames.

it was revealed that Kandaga Jet Girls is the multimedia project Kenichiro Takaki spoke about in a Famitsu interview we covered. The Kandagawa Jet Girls game will be launching on PS4 and is developed by Honey Parade Games at Marvelous. More details regarding the game will be published in September. The illustration above is the overall key visual for the project.

Meanwhile, the Kandagawa Jet Girls TV anime will start airing on October 2019. The illustration above is the key visual for the anime.

Unlike Valkyrie Drive, the previous multimedia project involving Marvelous and Kenichiro Takaki, Kandagawa Jet Girls have the same characters in the game and the anime. The character designer is Naruko Hanaharu, and the TV anime is directed by Hiraku Kaneko. Most of the TV anime’s staff previously worked on the anime adaptations of Valkyrie Drive and Queen’s Blade.

It was also teased that Kandagawa Jet Girls will feature two characters who are lookalikes to Senran Kagura characters.

Kandagawa Jet Girls is set in a futuristic world and features multiple girls from different schools participating in races in duos. There’s one who pilots the jet called the “Jetter”, and one who rides on the back called the “Shooter”. Twelves characters have been revealed, with key visuals showing their school uniforms, pilot suits, and the machine they pilot. All the machines are made in-universe by different companies, and Kenichiro Takaki mentioned how they tried to make them look as futuristic as possible. Kenichiro Takaki shortly explained various things about the characters so I’ve also translated his comments.

The main characters are Rin Namiki, voiced by Yu Sasahara, and Misa Aoi, voiced by Riko Kohara. Rin is the Jetter and Misa is the Shooter. Rin and Misa form the titular Kandagawa Jet Girls team, and they’re from Asakusa Girls High School. They pilot the jet named Orcano, manufactured by Ohmest Marina.

Kaguya Shijuuin, voiced by Azusa Tadokoro, and Kuromaru Manbu, voiced by Aya Suzaki. Kaguya is the Jetter and Kuromaru the Shooter. They form a team named Dress, and they’re from Musashino Girls High School. All the characters basically follow typical archetypes you should be used to if you’re into anime, so I won’t bother pointing them all out. But for example, Kaguya is a stereotyped anime rich girl, and Kuromaru is her personal kunoichi who also eats a lot. They pilot the jet named Tamakaze, manufactured by Tappazausen.

Pan Tsui, voiced by Rumi Okubo, and Pan Tina, voiced by Naomi Ohzora. They’re twins and idols from the CS Production School, a school with only students involved in showbiz. Their team is named Hell’s Kitchen because they’re cooking and sweets-themed idols. In case you haven’t noticed, their names are a pun on “panties”. They pilot the jet named Les Soeurs SL, manufactured by Mer Spatiale. “Les Soeurs” is “the sisters” in French and “Mer Spatiale” is “the space sea” in French.

Jennifer Peach, voiced by Lynn, and Emily Orange, voiced by Ai Fairouz. They’re from the Japanese branch of the California Coast High School. Jennifer likes samurai and Emily likes shinobi, so the two of them decided to theme their pilot suits these ways. They both joined their school’s Japanese branch thinking they’ll find actual ninja and samurai. Their team is Unkai Surfers, which can be translated to “the surfers of the sea of clouds”. Jennifer and Emily pilot the Cuisine 2, which was manufactured by Oga Sea.

Manatsu Shiraishi, voiced by Chika Anzai, and Yuzu Midorikawa, voiced by Kaori Maeda. They’re gals from Shinjuku Takadanobaba Girls School. Their team name is MKHU and they pilot the Xuiver, manufactured by Aiz.

Fuuka Tamaki, voiced by Ayaka Asai, and Inori Misuda, voiced by Aya Uchida. They’re from Hijiribashi University Affiliated High School. Their team name is Suiryukai, which can be translated to “the water dragon’s union”. Fuuka and Ayaka worship the water god and racing is like a ritual for them. Fuuka also has a complete personality change and becomes more violent when racing. They ride the Messie The Hunter, manufactured by Funami. Fuuka and Inori’s pilot suit, school uniform and machine are a mix of Miko/Shinto culture and Wa culture.

Lastly, a trailer for the Kandagawa Jet Girls TV Anime was published. You can find it below along with the whole stream.

More Kandagawa Jet Girls info will be published on the project’s official Twitter and official site. Kenichiro Takaki is also working on another project he detailed in a Famitsu interview.