Kandagawa Jet Girls is Coming West on PS4 and PC via Steam

Kandagawa Jet Girls: everything you should know about the jet ski racing fanservice game coming to PS4 and Steam this summer.

XSeed and Marvelous announced Kandagawa Jet Girls in North America on PS4 and PC via Steam. The game will launch “later this summer”. A day one “Racing Hearts” edition will be sold for $59.99. The digital version on PlayStation Store and Steam will be at $49.99.

Kandagawa Jet Girls is a media mix franchise by Senran Kagara‘s Kenichiro Takaki, Marvelous, Kadokawa, and anime studio EGG FIRM. The game first launched on PS4 in Japan on January 16, 2020. An anime also aired from October 2019 to January 2020.

Kandagawa Jet Girls features cute girls chara designed by Naruko Hanaharu in a near future as they participate in jet ski racing at Kanda river in Tokyo. Races are fought in duos, with the Jetter piloting the jet ski machine, and the Shooter standing behind shooting at concurrents with water-based firearms. The game has a fully voiced story mode and online versus. You can also customize your own jet ski and character’s clothes, along with details like skin tan. Sadly there’s no local multiplayer. The cast includes multiple talented seiyuu such as Ai Fairouz who voices Hibiki in How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?, or Rumi Okubo who voices Mia Ageha in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future and Pretty Series.

The Kandagawa Jet Girls day one “Racing Hearts” edition includes a copy of the game, 2 OST CDs with 54 tracks, and a 5.5” x 7.3” softcover 60 pages art book. The Racing Hearts’ edition’s cover artwork was drawn by Hanaharu Naruko. This is the exact same content as the game’s Japanese Limited Edition, minus the anime OVA.

Just like in Japan, Kandagawa Jet Girls will add Senran Kagura characters as DLC. In the west, Ryobi and Ryona will be available in the base game, and the first DLC pack will be Asuka and Yumi. The DLC characters are Murasaki and Mirai, Ikaruga and Yomi, Homura and Hikage. Launch date and pricing for the DLCs will be announced later.

Kandagawa Jet Girls‘ main producer is Kenichiro Takaki. However, it’s important to note Kandagawa Jet Girls was not developed by the Senran Kagura team. The studio behind KJG is Shade, who made the Bullet Girls series and Gun Gun Pixies.

Kenichiro Takaki is now working at Cygames. He explained his job there and his upcoming new project in an interview we translated, He also claimed Senran Kagura 7Even will be finished one day.

English screenshots and artwork of Kandagawa Jet Girls are included below, along with the game’s opening animation movie.

I’ve extensively covered Kandagawa Jet Girls when the game was about to release in Japan, so I’d redirect you to that to read more. Here are profiles of all the girls in the game. Here’s the trailer for the anime, screenshots and the game’s shop specific preorder DLC costumes and goods in Japan. You can check some gameplay and comments from Takaki. Lastly here’s more gameplay with Takaki, Riko Kohara and Ai Fairouz.

Personally speaking, I was pretty interested in Kandagawa Jet Girls at first but ended up not buying the Japanese version as I felt the game left a lot to be desired gameplay-wise. Story mode is cool and is fully voiced, but the races themselves feel pretty slow. That’s just my Uneeded Opinion though and I highly recommend you to make your own.

You should watch the anime too if you’re not averse to shows with a lot of sexual fanservice. It’s 12 episodes + 1 OVA long. Some episodes are truthfully quite boring and the race parts aren’t that exciting, but there are some pretty emotional and good episodes in the second half.

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