Kandagawa Jet Girls Will Include More Senran Kagura Characters as DLC

There might be more than meets the eye about Kandagawa Jet Girls featuring Senran Kagura characters as DLC.

November 19, 2019

When Kandagawa Jet Girls was fully revealed, Marvelous teased that Senran Kagura characters Asuka and Yumi would be playable. It later turned out they were included in the game’s limited edition. Now, Marvelous revealed the game will be also getting a digital limited edition, which includes even more kunoichi from Kenichiro Takaki’s flagship (and probably dead) series:

Along with Asuka and Yumi, the digital limited edition includes the pairs: Ikaruga and Yomi, Ryobi and Ryona, Homura and Hikage, Murasaki and Mirai.

The digital limited edition is priced at 12,900 Yen plus tax but is 10% off during preorders. And each pair of characters will be available as separate DLCs for 1000 yen (plus tax) each. The first two pairs will be available at release on January 16, while the two last pairs will be coming in February 2020. A pass with all four pairs will also be sold for 3500 yen plus tax.


It’s important to note that Yumi and Asuka won’t be sold separately. The only way to get them is to get one of the limited editions.

It’s interesting Marvelous revealed more Senran characters. The Senran Kagura Shinobi Master mobage is still ongoing and got a Gantz collab as part of its 2 year anniversary. However, the main series seems to be at a complete halt. So these DLCs might be something for fans in the meanwhile.

It doesn’t seem like Senran Kagura 7EVEN will release anytime soon. Takaki initially said the game is still coming to PS4, but that he’s reconsidering the content because of stricter regulations, and teased more Senran Kagura games releasing on Switch. But then a few weeks later he left for Cygames, all while saying 7EVEN will release one day. He cited stricter regulations on sexual fanservice being the main reason behind his resignation.

As I already explained in the past, I personally highly doubt that’s the main reason behind 7EVEN‘s development hell. Sexual fanservice focusing games are still releasing just fine on PS4. I think it got more to do with the fiascos that were Senran Kagura Peach Ball Splashing and Senran Kagura Reflexions. I’m not blaming Takaki himself though. A game’s multiple delays or low quality at release can’t be blamed on a single person or a single reason. This is why I always disagree when people say Tabata was the sole reason why FF XV sucked. The main reason why I’m looking forward to Takaki’s next game isn’t even to play it. It’s because we’ll be able to make a better judgment on all this. This game will speak a thousand words, especially if it turns out to be as boring as its anime so far.

You can check some gameplay and comments from Takaki here. Here are additional details, and here’s the first trailer for the game.

Kandagawa Jet Girls launches on January 16, 2020, in Japan, exclusively on PS4. It wasn’t announced in the west yet.

Iyane Agossah

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