Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Demo Impressions

By Tyler Christensen

August 2, 2010

The other day I had decided to pick up the demo of Eidos’ Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days off of the PlayStation Store, and I must say at first I had quite the mixed feelings about it. But, after playing through the demo a couple of times, I had decided that this game is going to be pretty kick arse.

A few of the things that made me feel unexcited about the game was the length of the demo itself, it was rather short in my opinion, but the game-play was rather fun and it had kept me entertained. It’s full of tons of action and intense game-play, just as its predecessor. Another one of my dis-likings of the demo was the fact that I couldn’t even get into the multi-player of Fragile Alliance at all, even after waiting for about 15 minutes in a lobby by myself, waiting for other players. But, no one came.

On the upside, things that I noticed that were improved from the first was the cross-hairs while shooting. That’s right, it is no longer a small tiny dot on the screen, they had actually placed actual cross-hairs into the mix this time around. Thank you, by the way. The Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days demo offers a great storyline segment of these two killer criminals, and I’m sure that if the full release is anything like the demo, this game is going to be one to pick up within the upcoming months.

Take a look after the break for my game-play footage that I had recorded, and see what to expect.

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