Kanye West Says He Needs to Find Hideo Kojima, Following Twitter Drama with Drake

Kanye West Says He Needs to Find Hideo Kojima, Following Twitter Drama with Drake

Kanye West needs to find Hideo Kojima quickly -- do you know where he is?

Hideo Kojima has made it known publicly this week that he is currently in New York City working on his upcoming video game Death Stranding and it seems like one of 2018’s most polarizing figures in Kanye West caught wind of his arrival in town and is now looking to meet up with him. Following a rather testy 24-hour period where Kanye went on an all-time tweeting spree airing his grievances with fellow rapper Drake, West tweeted this afternoon that he is looking for Kojima and is trying to contact him.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Kojima’s well-known B.F.F. Geoff Keighley to respond to Ye on Twitter and tell him that he’s got the hook up. “I got ya,” said Keighley, who just a week ago hosted The Game Awards 2018. Keighley has previously met West at E3 where he showed him around the Los Angeles Convention Center.

As for why Kanye wants to meet up with Kojima, well, who the heck knows. Kanye and Kojima are both known for surrounding themselves with other artists fairly often, so maybe Ye just wants to go out to dinner with the Metal Gear Solid creator and talk about his creative process and compare notes. I, for one, am deep down hoping that Kanye is trying to allure Kojima into working on his video game, Only One, a project which we haven’t heard from since 2016. Come on Hideo, help Kanye finish his game.

Regardless of why this whole situation is transpiring in the first place, I’m oddly fascinated by it. I’m not sure if the two have ever met one another before, but I’m kind of hoping something comes out of this purely because it’s so weird in the first place. It’s rare to see two famous personalities from different worlds cross like this and for this reason alone I’m hoping Kanye can find Kojima in New York.

Make it happen, Keighley.