Karl Jacobs Guests on Impractical Joker’s Star Joe Gatto’s Podcast ‘You Seem Cool’

September 23, 2021

Joe Gatto, American comedian and Impractical Jokers star invites popular Minecraft Variety streamer Karl Jacobs onto his web series to discuss many aspects of the streamer’s life and career.

‘You Seem Cool’ is Joe Gatto’s podcast/web series where he interviews famous creators who, as you can guess, seem cool! In the series, the word interview seems like such a strong word, as the videos are laid out in a calm but casual sit-down conversation format but instead over the internet.

As stated by Joe in the episode, he uses this show as an excuse to go out, find and reach out to creators and people he finds interesting or wants to learn more about to bring on his show but this time it was different thanks to Karl and his loyal fanbase.

Minecraft Dungeons | Steam Launch Trailer

Minecraft Dungeons | Steam Launch Trailer

So how did Karl Jacobs get his interview?

Karl Jacobs is Joe’s first guest who seemingly scored himself an episode on the American comedian’s web show ‘You Seem Cool’ all by replying to a random tweet of Joe’s that wasn’t even about the show just asking if Joe would like to play some games with him, to which the latter replied “Sure.”

This episode of the web series was a perfect chance for Joe to learn who Karl Jacobs is and what he’s all about as it is the entire premise of the show, after all. Joe opened up the episode admitting he wasn’t too sure of who Karl was so he was eager to learn more even before talking to him, dubbing Karl ‘The King of Minecraft’ which many fans of Karl’s found funny as in the past the streamer had made a Minecraft diss track, ironic that the game is now one of Karl’s many claims to fame and jokes himself it about to this day.

Dropping out to follow his dreams

After Karl finished explaining what Minecraft, Roblox and, somehow The Sims, were to Joe he followed by an “I feel like a kid is trying to explain the internet to his father” joke amongst some other things. Karl went on to tell Joe how he got into streaming as a passion and a bit of fun during college whilst studying video production and later in the episode explaining how he dropped out of college 5 weeks before graduating with 2 degrees for an editing job at Mr Beast.

Whilst Karl’s drop out story is no shock to fans who have obviously heard it all before and knew how his career started, it’s always funny to see other reactions to his story, Joe’s was a perfect one for example. With a stumble of words, a look of shock mixed with a disapproving dad stare, Karl laughed as he continued to explain to Joe how it worked out in the end along with a prompt of “is that pretty cool?” to which Joe laughed himself and offered a response along the lines of risky but cool.

Cannoli’s, Banana Pudding and Shared Loves

Amongst many other questions, laughs and answers both Joe and Karl seemed to bond over their shared love of desserts as well as their shared home state of New York and other cities/states they loved such as Portland Oregon, which Joe mentioned his love of thanks to a tour that took him to Karl’s college town, the tour that Karl, unfortunately, missed due to college which as mentioned prior he already had dropped out of.

Karl had expressed from the getgo of the interview that he loved and grew up watching Joe’s show ‘Impractical Jokers’ from its first release back in 2011. Surprised, Joe asked Karl’s age to which he responded 22 at the time of recording. Joe let on that season 10 of ‘Impractical Jokers’ would start filming within the following few months which Karl seemed to be delighted about. Leading some fans of both the starter and comedy show to believe the said show is in production as the initial tweets were from April and Karl turned 23 in July.

Passion Projects and What’s Next for Karl?

As the conversation was coming to a close Joe squeezed in a final few questions of what’s next for Karl, in response he explains how he feels that as a streamer he has hit all the numbers he’s wanted to on twitch, at one point being no.1 on the streamer analytics and how he wants to take these achievements forward to fuel his passion projects, things such as animation which he has a huge love for and has already hinted to fans with a teaser on Twitter linking back to his storytelling within the game Minecraft.

Closing out the interview with many thanks on Karl’s behalf and Joe insisting he’s now the former’s superfan they end the episode with a high five. Though this may not be the last we see of this duo, Joe quote tweeted Karl’s reply thanking him for having him on the show, giving fans hope that the two will in fact have that gaming session together that Karl initially asked for.

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