Katamari Creator Talks Namco Baindai and Forms Uvula

Katamari Creator Talks Namco Baindai and Forms Uvula

At a Pac-Man exhibit in Japan, the mind behind the Katamari games, Keita Takahashi expressed his feelings about working at Namco Bandai and revealed his new company. On why he joined the company in the first place and his growing disinterest there he said,

“I thought, ‘The games I used to play, Namco made good ones. Like Pac-Man,’ so I joined the company…But in reality, Namco was no fun at all.”


“When I first joined the company, I thought ‘If you did something that was only possible in a video game, wouldn’t that be fun?’ At the time, Namco only had so-called ‘simulation’ games like shooting and racing.”

“I made Katamari Damacy as an antithesis to games that were nothing but sequels, so when I was told ‘Make a sequel’ I declined. But the company was coldhearted, so if I didn’t do it, they’d make someone else do it.”

On a lighter note, with his leave from Namco Bandai, Takahashi has created his own company, Uvula. Nothing much has been said about the company, but you get a nice little welcome upon entering the page.