Katsuhiro Harada Talks Bringing VR to Tekken 7 and Tekken x Street Fighter

Katsuhiro Harada Talks Bringing VR to Tekken 7 and Tekken x Street Fighter

Recently, Tekken 7’s legendary game director Katsuhiro Harada sat down with IGN and spoke about how his team is handling PSVR support for the game, as well as provided an update on the current status of Tekken x Street Fighter.

Talking about PSVR support, Harada-san fielded a question from a gamer that mentioned PSVR support being played in first-person. To which the director responded that a lot of people would assume that the game’s PSVR support would be in first person, but actually this isn’t the case. Harada-san mentions that he actually experimented with the first-person Tekken concept a few years ago when the team was first looking into VR, and according to the director, “it’s not as exciting as many people would think.” Harada-san points out that the experience is not very fun, and when, for example, you’re knocked up in the air for an aerial juggle, it’s very jarring and again, not a lot of fun.

All of that being said, Harada-san explains with this previous knowledge that the PSVR experience being created is more tailored for Tekken itself, and that taking Tekken and adapting it to first-person VR wouldn’t (and isn’t) the best way to do it.  According to the director, this is why the team ended up focusing more on the character elements, where you can customize your character and look at it from various angles. And in a battle with a CPU opponent, you can slow down the match and change the camera angle “so you can see the game like you’ve never seen it before.”

As for Tekken x Street Fighter, Harada-san reiterates previous made points, simply stating that the timing is currently just not right. The director mentions that Capcom is currently busy with Street Fighter V and it (Bandai Namco) is currently busy with Tekken 7, and so the pair decided it was best not to split the audience around these two games with a third title. Thus, according to the director, it’s more about the timing, “and waiting for the right chance.”

As for whether Tekken 7 will include more Street Fighter characters — it already includes Akuma — Harada-san says “that’s tough to answer.” According to him, Akuma’s inclusion is something the team wanted years ago, and they knew they wanted him for a specific part of the game’s story, and thus he was built into the game during its development. To add more Street Fighter characters would be “difficult.” However, Harada-san doesn’t rule it out entirely, and rather says there is currently no plans to add more, but it’s not like they couldn’t think up of ways to do it.

Tekken 7 is set to release on June 2, 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.