Katsuhiro Harada “Can Do” Something About Xenosaga’s Future

Katsuhiro Harada “Can Do” Something About Xenosaga’s Future

The future of Xenosaga is uncertain. The IP is owned by Bandai Namco, but developer Monolithsoft is now under Nintendo’s umbrella. Yet, fans have seen legendary Bandai Namco producer Katsuhiro Harada as a ray of hope for the revival of the series in some form.

Today a fan was just about ready to give up, mentioning on Twitter. “Even with all this demand Xenosaga prolly won’t continue, I think even Harada can’t do anything.”

Yet, summoned by the distress call, the mighty Harada-san swooped down from the sky and responded: “I can do.”

In the past, Harada-san gathered feedback about the possibility of a Xenosaga HD collection, but he mentioned several times that the path is a difficult one, and a lot of support from the fans would be necessary to convince Bandai Namco’s higher ups.

What Harada-san can actually do remains a mystery, as he did not elaborate further, nor he made any specific promises, but that ray of hope is still alive.