Katsuhiro Harada Talks About Possible Xenosaga and Ace Combat Remake Collections

Katsuhiro Harada Talks About Possible Xenosaga and Ace Combat Remake Collections

Remakes are getting definitely popular between publishers nowadays and today Bandai Namco Producer Katsuhiro Harada talked on Twitter about the possibility of remaking two series that many loved (and still love): Xenosaga and Ace Combat.

While talking about a Nico Nico broadcast about Ace Combat Infinity, he suddenly changed subject to older Ace Combat games.

Actually, I haven’t played it yet (laughs), though I’ve played up to Ace 5. I haven’t had much time recently… though I’ve been wanting to play Ace 4 for awhile.

I’d want to play an HD Ace 4 right away. Maybe I should go plead with Ace’s producer?

Well, for today’s broadcast, I will be pestering Kono-P [Kazutoki Kono, Producer of the Ace Combat Series] for a remake (laughs). Not really, but I really want it personally.

Of course remake talk calls for more remake talk, and another fan asked about a remake collection for the Xenosaga series:

Xeno! We have the rights and we could outsource it, so it’s not like it’s stuck, but if there was a remake I’d want the original staff to work on it.

Would you guys really buy Xenosaga if it was released?

It’s not impossible, but obviously we have a responsibility to bring in revenue, so I’m surveying the extent of the demand for it.

I’m throwing money at the screen right now, Harada-san….

Jokes aside, while Harada-san didn’t make any promises (quite obviously) it’s interesting to see that someone in his position is willing to talk about that kind of remakes this openly. Personally, I’d buy them all, on the fly, and I’d bow and say “thank you so very much” before walking out of the store.

I’m quite sure I’m not the only one.

[Translation by Tim Roy]