Kaz Hirai: PlayStation is “Vibrant and Showing Increasing Promise;” Focus of the “One Sony” Strategy

Kaz Hirai: PlayStation is “Vibrant and Showing Increasing Promise;” Focus of the “One Sony” Strategy

During the Sony Entertainment Investor Day presentation, that was webcasted by the Japanese corporation, President and CEO Kazuo Hirai had some interesting details to share about the PlayStation business as well.

Hirai-san placed confidence on the PlaytStation Business, defining it “vibrant and showing increasing promise,” also mentioning that Sony Pictures is in the process of producing content exclusive to PS4.

Further in the presentation he explained that the company will make the PlayStation business one of the focus areas of its “one Sony” strategy, accelerating the collaboration with the Entertainment division.

We’ll pursue our “One Sony” strategy and accelerate the collaboration between Entertainment and other Sony businesses, particularly mobile and games, both of which offer unique and growing opportunities. And we will do all of this with the constant and intense focus on rigorous cost management across the board.

During the final Q&A, Hirai also commented on the plans to offer more services via the PlayStation Network beyond game-related content.

We are looking at a variety of different ways of creating more services and delivering more content through our Sony Entertainment Network or our PlayStation Network, and as you probably know, it’s actually a very unique network, in that the majority of of people on the network are basically the video game demographic, which is quite different from perhaps other services that potentially may carry traditional video content.

At this point we don’t have too much to talk about, or to announce, except to say that we are looking at a variety of different opportunities for our PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network consumers beyond the traditional game and game-related content.

One thing is for sure: the game division is becoming more and more the poster boy (or girl) of Sony as a whole, as profitability and success on the PS4’s level have been hard to come in the past few years.