Kaz Hirai: PS4 is a “True Object of Sensation;” Setting a “New Standard in Gaming”

Kaz Hirai: PS4 is a “True Object of Sensation;” Setting a “New Standard in Gaming”

During his keynote at CES 2014 Sony’s President and CEO Kazuo Hirai had more than a few words to share about the PS4, painting a definitely flattering picture of Sony’s new console, that already shattered everyone’s expectations and predictions sales-wise:

Today our legacy of providing action-packed adventure games takes another step forward with the launch of the PlayStation 4. The market, wowed by our technology and by our engineering and by our software, the gamer thrilled by the line of amazing titles, they responded enthusiastically around the world.


He also mentioned how the brand pushes innovation, trying to break free of conventional thinking:

PlayStation Continuously shatters all conventional thinking about gameplay, social connection, and emotional rush, and epic adventures, and innovative games.

He finally delivered a rather strong statement on the rising success of the PS4:

And of course PlayStation 4 is setting a new standard in gaming. Not only we pushed the boundaries of play, but we also created a true object of sensation. And with remote play you can seamlessly connect and transfer the action from PS4 directly to the PS Vita.

Hirai’s statements can definitely be defined “fighting words,” but with 4.2 million units sold in a month and a half we can definitely say that he can afford showing a bit of pride.