Keanu Reeves Visited Hideo Kojima at His Studio

Keanu Reeves Visited Hideo Kojima at His Studio

Well if there was something that could break the internet, this might be the one thing to do it.

Well, if there is one thing that would make the video game industry explode, this would be it. Hideo Kojima meeting with Keanu Reeves. I mean, it was inevitably going to happen, right?

Yesterday, Kojima uploaded a few picks to his twitter account of him with the beloved actor who is set to play Johny Silverhand in CD Projekt Red’s upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. Keanu actually was almost casted in Death Stranding. However, the part was given to Mads Mikkelsen instead. You can take a look at the tweet below.

I am not quite sure when all of this Keanu craziness began. I think the John Wick movies have given him a bit of a resurgence in entertainment because about 5 years ago, I bet many people just knew him from The Matrix. However, I like to remember him as Shane Falco, the quarterback in The Replacements.

I am also not too sure how Kojima has gotten so popular with big-time celebrities. Don’t get me wrong. Kojima is one of the biggest names in video games, the most profitable form of entertainment, but actors and other celebrities seem to flock to him. Remember that time Kanye was looking for him?

Death Stranding is set to release later this year on November 8 for PS4. There is still not much known about the game despite the numerous trailer Kojima has put out, however it still might be my colleagues favorite game of all time already due to all of the wackiness surrounding it.

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