Keeper Yennen: The Legend Of Vox Machina Character Explained

Keeper Yennen, a great ally for Percy.

February 4, 2022

The fourth, fifth, and sixth episodes of The Legend Of Vox Machina were just released today. Keeper Yennen was introduced in the show and grabbed the attention of the viewers. Well, here’s what we know about her.

It’s just a start for The Legend Of Vox Machina; the show is on its first season and building at a good pace. So it’s obvious to see new characters with every coming episode. The new characters who made their appearance in the latest batch of episodes were Cassandra de Rolo, Byron Anders, and, not to forget, Keeper Yennen. The viewers are pretty curious to know everything about Yennen for how she is helping the rebels in the show.

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Keeper Yennen Character Explained

In the Critical Role, Keeper Yennen is an old man with a thick mustache and gray hair. But in the anime adaptation of The Legend Of Vox Machina, Yennen is a lady voiced by Gina Torres.

As shown in the series, Keeper Yennen is a priest in Whitestone. She follows Erathis, The Lawbreaker, who is considered the goddess of civilization and law. Yennen has a dark complexion with curly gray hair and wears a long robe. She makes her first appearance in the show while preaching to a group of people in the temple of Erathis known as the House Of The law Breaker.

After Yennen is done sermonising, Vox Machina approaches her, and she instantly identifies Percival de Rolo, whom she had seen in his childhood. She asks Rolo to lead the rebels in the fight against the Briarwoods as Whitestone’s rightful heir. Keeper Yennen tells Percy that she wants to defeat Briarwoods as much as he wants, but right now, everything is falling apart as the leader of the rebels group, Archibald Desnay, is captured. She suggests that if he can free Desnay, everyone will follow him to defeat Briarwood.

Keeper Yenner is undoubtedly not the one with good looks, but the people of Whitestone respect her and believe in her ideas. She knows how to keep her people motivated and focused on their mission to restore Whitestone from the rule of Briarwood.

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