Want to Keep Your Pigs Happy? Give Them Video Games

on January 12, 2012 11:45 AM

Because of a European law that requires farmers to give their pigs some source of entertainment before turning them into bacon and pork chops, a group of researchers and game developers decided to make a video game to give them instead.

Called the Playing With Pigs project, the group has created a game called Pig Chase. Much like cats, dogs, and other cute midsized domestic animals, pigs love chasing bits of light around. So Pig Chase gives the pigs a giant touch screen, and a human a tablet. The pig has to touch the ball of light (controlled by the human) with his/her snout while the human slowly drags it over to a goal area without the pig loosing contact. If the goal is reached, you get a screen filled with crazy lights and colors.

Pig Chase is currently in the concept stage, but the group from Norway hopes to one day make it a widespread reality. Is it overkill when apparently a ball on a string does just fine for keeping pigs entertained? Maybe, but it’s still one of the cutest things I’ve heard or seen in awhile.


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