Keiji Inafune Not Impressed With E3 Software Lineup

Keiji Inafune Not Impressed With E3 Software Lineup

According to Polygon, former Capcom producer Keiji Inafune was not impressed with the software shown at this year’s E3.

But with the quick overview I had, I sadly didn’t see any games this time that I really wanted to try out. We’re right at the cusp of new hardware launches, after all, so my impression was that it was nothing but sequels and there aren’t any new titles in the end. With the previous generational shift, too, it seemed like they couldn’t do anything new, and the launch games for the new systems didn’t really seem made for the systems, but were instead previous-gen games made for next-gen systems. That’s the state we’re in right now, and to be honest, I didn’t see anything really new and innovative in this year’s title lineup.

The man behind Mega Man, Dead Rising, and Onimusha made these comments in an interview with Famitsu. However, Inafune was much more positive when it came to the PS4 and Xbox One reveals, but did say that there was little differentiation between the two systems.

Looking at the PS4 and Xbox One, I see very few cases of ‘this platform can do this’ and ‘that one can’t do that’. I doubt many gamers feel that way, either. There are lots of differences in the hardware design and other details, but in terms of differentiating themselves from each other, I don’t feel there are massive differences.

These are not the first comments of Infaune to raise eyebrows. In 2010, Inafune commented on the decline of the Japanese gaming industry calling it “dead”.