Keita Takahashi Explains Leaving Namco

Last month we informed you that Keita Takahashi, creator of quirky and unconventional gaming series such as Katamari Damacy, had left publisher Namco Bandai after eleven long years of service. Today he reveals some of the reasoning behind this decision.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Takahashi explained:

“The reason why I quit Namco was because I started to feel like I didn’t belong there any more; the games I was making were not necessarily the best-selling ones. I realized Namco was, as a business, going down a bit. Also, my colleagues were leaving to do another project. I started to feel like I didn’t belong there anymore.”

I could have guessed that sales had something to do with this. After leaving the company Takahashi traveled to the United Kingdom to design a playground, a concept that doesn’t surprise you if you’ve played the Katamari games. Hit the break for more.

When asked why his games sales were so insubstantial, he replied:

“Maybe because they’re not so interesting, the reason why is one of the things I’m trying to find out. If I knew, I wouldn’t struggle. I don’t know.”

He goes on to explain how his visions for games don’t even fit in the industry anymore, saying:

“I find it quite boring that if a company creates one thing that sells really well then obviously the company is going to work on almost similar types of things to make more profit, I can’t deny the fact that people work on sequels. After all, it’s a business. But at the same time, in the past decade or so, I’ve only seen most companies working on the safe side making more sequels. “

Takahashi ends by promising that he isn’t finished with industry:

“I’m going to work on more videogames. Firstly for the playground project I feel my role hasn’t finished yet. We have to start working in detail about colors and layout with the construction company. Also for other things, I have a handful of other projects. My wife is a music composer, so I’m hoping to work on some music thing. Also, if I can come up with a really good idea for new games, then I may approach some companies and say, ‘Look, this is my idea.'”

Your fans eagerly await your triumphant return Takahashi-san.

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