Matagot Announces Kemet: Blood and Sand, a Revision of the Classic Board Game Classic

Matagot Announces Kemet: Blood and Sand, a Revision of the Classic Board Game Classic

Kemet: Blood and Sand is the revised version of Matagot's classic strategy game set in Ancient Egypt. We seem to be getting a lot of those in 2020.

Kemet is among the highest-rated board games out there. The massive strategy classic sits comfortably in Board Game Geek’s Top 100 games of all time and is one of the classics of modern board gaming. The game has even spawned three big expansions, including 2018’s Kemet: Seth. However, the board game industry moves fast and Matagot announced recently that they will be publishing a revised version called Kemet: Blood and Sand.

This is an interesting announcement from the Kemet team. On the one hand, board game players love shiny new things. Kemet had great miniatures and copious amounts of cardboard. So, an even more fully-featured release is going to make tons of money. On the other, they just released an updated ruleset for Kemet. It feels weird for them to put that out and then announce this so close together.

That said, what the game developers are saying about the release is quite exciting. Jacques Bariot and Guillaume Montiage have spoken a bit about what to expect and if it doesn’t sound like a massive Kickstarter success, I don’t know what does. Kemet: Blood and Sand features new art, even further upgraded gameplay from 1.5, a redesigned map, bigger and better miniatures, and “other surprises”.

Kemet: Blood and Sand doesn’t have a firm release date yet. It’s simply coming sometime in 2020. Matagot also has yet to say if the game will be coming to Kickstarter or not. Though, you have to assume it will. Kemet is a game that looks primed for a truckload of stretch goals. Either way, we should know more soon.