Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth Receiving Video Game Adaptation in 2017

Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth Receiving Video Game Adaptation in 2017

Though video game adaptations of major novels have been few and far between in the last few years, fans of Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth will get to experience the series’ epic narrative in a whole new way with the announcement of a video game adaptation of the acclaimed novel.

Developer Daedalic Entertainment announced that the studio will be working on an adaptation of Follett’s novel, centered around the conflicts of 12th century nobles and townfolk during famine. Though little gameplay details were revealed at this time, Daedalic confirmed that the adaptation will be an adventure game that will utilize much of the lore from Follett’s Kingsbridge series, with  the author detailing in a post on the studio’s site:

“I’m thrilled that The Pillars of the Earth – which is probably my most famous book – is going to be turned into a computer game by Daedalic, now part of the Lübbe organisation. I believe this will bring my work to the attention of a new generation of readers. I’ve been working with Bastei Lübbe, and with the Lübbe-family, for 35 years now. It has been a most congenial partnership, and a very successful one. So I’m very happy that our association is being continued in these exciting ways.”

In addition, Daedalic Entertainment CEO Carsten Fichtelmann detailed on the studio’s journey of bringing the game to life:

“We are very aware of and feeling the responsibility that comes along with this project: The Pillars of the Earth is one of world literature’s most-read and best-selling books, and comes with a large and long-lasting base of millions of fans. To meet their high expectations of our game will be a tremendous challenge – but one we are very eager to face. Together with Bastei Lübbe and Ken Follett we determined that the genre of adventure games is the best and most suitable way to adapt and express the substantial depth of such a historical novel.

“Adventure games are interactive literature, and we at Daedalic dedicated ourselves to the perfection of this genre’s playing experience. We are very happy and feel extremely honoured that our work is being acknowledged by one of the world’s best-selling authors, and to be allowed to take his work into interactivity.”

The Pillars of the Earth is currently in development by Daedalic Entertainment for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and iOS for release in 2017.