Ken Levine Declares BioShock: Infinite Will Feel At Home On The PC

These days it’s not easy to get console based game developers to even pay lip service towards PC gamers, but in a recent AMA interview on Reddit, Irrational Games head Ken Levine did just that. He declared that not only will BioShock: Infinite feel right at home on the PC, but that Irrational Games has an entire team working to make sure that it happens. While not crucial to the success of a game, there are many issues when porting a title that can distract or frustrate players.

Chris Kline our director of tech, has been driving this process. We’re very sensitive (after getting a well deserved reaming once before) on the issues of widescreen and mouse acceleration. We also want to make sure that the fans have effortless access to the game, so we’re using Steam’s standard DRM. People have asked before if we’re using GFWL and/or SecuRom, and we are not. I also have to say, the game looks beautiful on PC.

Take for instance Skyrim, when it was first released the menus were not setup for mouse controls, frustrating many PC players. Although this was quickly solved by modders, and eventually Bethesda it left a sour taste in the mouth of PC gamers. The previous BioShock titles, while well ported to the PC, did have numerous issues with graphical and especially widescreen settings. Hopefully this will not be the case with Bioshock: Infinite. As we noted before, dropping the DRM down to Steam will make running the game smoother than say, Far Cry 3, and less annoying with local saving and cloud optional. 

Making a game work right on the PC is much more difficult than a console. While nearly all Xbox 360s and PlayStation 3s are identical with the exception of memory upgrades, PCs have a smorgasbord of hardware options developers must prepare for. Combined with his earlier announcement on the cover art being to attract more casual gamers, it seems that Ken Levine and Irrational Games are looking to expand Bioshock: Infinite’s reach outside of it’s normal core audience.

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