Kena: Bridge of Spirits is Getting Free PS5 Upgrade For PS4 Players

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is Getting Free PS5 Upgrade For PS4 Players

That latest entry into the confusing "Will it get a free next-gen upgrade?" saga has arrived.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits was one of many games announced at Sony’s, June PS5 reveal event. Revealed alongside Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon: Forbidden West and Resident Evil Village, Kena: Bridge of Spirits is described as a “story-driven adventure” and is coming to both PS4 and PS5 this holiday. The game is a timed console exclusive and will also arrive on PC at a later date.

One of the biggest questions leading into the next console generation is surrounding cross-generational upgrades (or Smart Delivery on Xbox). Some games, such as Marvel’s Avengers, are confirmed to be offering upgrades free of charge, meaning if you buy the game on PS4, you can get the PS5 version for free. Now, confirming on Twitter, Ember Lab’s Kena: Bridge of Spirits has just followed suit.

When asked by a fan if “there’s a PS4 to PS5 free upgrade of Kena Bridge of Spirits?” Ember Labs replied “Yes! We don’t have the time limit details yet, but the upgrade is slated to be free!”

Players rejoice!

Unfortunately, others aren’t being so kind as Square Enix or Ember Lab. Early last month, NBA 2k21 was the first to announce that while players could get a free upgrade of the game, they would have to purchase a more expensive edition, citing the reason that they are “building the PS5 and Xbox One X version from the ground up.” Remedy’s Control followed suit yesterday, in a slightly more egregious manner.

Once again, players can indeed get a free next-gen upgrade of the game, just as long as they buy the newly announced Ultimate Edition. This means that any player who has already forked out for the game, plus potentially the expansions, will be completely out of pocket.

It’s nice to see Ember Lab get on board with the free upgrades for Kena: Bridge of Spirits, however, the mixed messaging from different studios is starting to make things difficult for consumers.