Kenichiro Takaki Explains His Role at Cygames, Reaffirms Project Awakening is a PS4 Title, Comments on Stadia [UPDATED]

Kenichiro Takaki Explains His Role at Cygames, Reaffirms Project Awakening is a PS4 Title, Comments on Stadia [UPDATED]

Ex-Senran Kagura Producer gave more details on his multimedia project and teased a big Granblue Fantasy Versus announcement; Cygames is keeping an eye on next-gen hardware.

This week’s Famitsu magazine has an interview with Kenichiro Takaki, the ex-producer of Senran Kagura who now joined Cygames. He gave multiple details on his new position, on Cygames’ upcoming projects, and on his own upcoming multimedia project. As usual, parts of Famitsu has leaked beforehand, and Game’s Talk summarized what we learned so far from the interview.

At Cygames, Kenichiro Takaki is the director of the Consumer Division, a new division created on April 1, 2019. Takaki lends a hand for the development of all of Cygames’ games. The Consumer Division is still small and currently has around ten people, but they are linked to all of the developing teams at Cygames.

Kenichiro Takaki is also one of the producers of Project Awakening, and he also provides “advice and support” to the development teams of Granblue Fantasy Relink and Granblue Fantasy Versus.

According to Takaki, Cygames is currently developing multiple unannounced projects, some are kids-oriented while some aim for an adult audience.

Kenichiro Takaki also spoke about how Cygames strives to become the best game studio in the world. As proof of their efforts, he mentioned that the Project Awakening trailer revealed at the PlayStation LineUp Tour, right before Tokyo Games Show 2018, wasn’t prerecorded but running on an actual “PS4 machine”.

Kenichiro Takaki also mentioned that Cygames is keeping an eye on the next-generation of consoles.

A big announcement for Granblue Fantasy Versus is coming soon, and Takaki affirmed the game is being meticulously developed to satisfy players. He also stated that the development of Granblue Fantasy Relink is progressing smoothly.

Kenichiro Takaki also mentioned how Cygames uses an in-house built engine for their games, and how he believes the studio can definitely make it big, even more so than now.

Kenichiro Takaki also spoke about his next multimedia project, which will include original character designs by Hanaharu Naruko and an anime directed by Hiraku Kaneko. He revealed that the game will be an action game and include illustrations by Nan Yaegashi, Senran Kagura‘s character designer. Kenichiro Takaki also mentioned that it won’t be a sexual fanservice game, but it might be perceived as such when seeing some of the male characters’ illustrations. He also said that he wishes to have more male than female characters.

That’s all for now. The comments on his new project aren’t surprising as Kenichiro Takaki already made games with a focus on male characters in the past, such as Uppers. DualShockers also spoke with Producer Kenichiro Takaki during E3 2019.

Please note that this isn’t all the information contained in the Famitsu interview, and this story might be updated in a few hours when Famitsu magazine is officially available.

Update: Here are additional details now that the interview is fully available:

Takaki asked Nan Yaegashi to work with him on his multimedia project because they get along really well. In around 8 years of working together on Senran Kagura, they never argued with each other. Takaki also wanted to see more male characters drawn by Yaegashi hence why it’ll have a lot of male characters. The game is still in its very early phases of development. Everything is in Takaki’s head and he’s currently making designs with Yaegashi. Instead of using blatant sexual fanservice like pantyshots etc, he wishes to make the characters show their charm in a more natural way. Takaki always wanted to make a game where players could do cool-looking, but also fun-looking Kung Fu moves, like fighting by flinging loitering objects or splitting tables in two with strikes. As such, things like Jackie Chan movies are one of the inspirations for the game, and he’s currently thinking about how to build a game design that would make these ideas fun.

Kenichiro Takaki was also asked about Stadia by Famitsu. He believes it’ll be a platform similar to Arcade, where games which procure immediate fun will be popular. He also thinks it will change the way games are developed, and developers will consider adding slightly different features for multiplatform games releasing on Stadia.