Kenny Omega Superkicked Yoshinori Ono at Capcom Cup 2019

Yoshinori Ono answered back with a chair across the back of Kenny Omega! THEY'RE RUNNING ON INSTINCT!

Any day I get to write about anything wrestling related is a good day. During the final day of Capcom Cup 2019, Street Fighter V producer Yoshinori Ono got a surprise he probably wasn’t expecting. A superkick straight to the face from none other than “The Cleaner,” Kenny Omega!

Let’s rewind a bit. This “confrontation” began when Ono came out to reveal some news to the Capcom Cup crowd. That first bit was about Capcom Cup 2020, and where all of the relevant events will be taking place for the next season. But then, Ono turned to his little friend Blanka who supposedly had more news. It seems this inanimate toy actually forgot the news, which clearly got Omega riled up.

Omega then comes up on stage, saying he saw all the “little nerds” typing on their computers, and indeed had something to show. Specifically, it was a trailer. When Omega asks when Ono will show the trailer, he simply yells, “No!” And then Omega superkicks Ono in the face. The Cleaner demands the trailer to be shown, which was a spotlight for the new DLC character Seth.

After the trailer played and a supposedly downed Ono, Omega decided to take the honors and close out the show. As Omega began his short countdown, Ono got up and laid a devastating hit to Omega, knocking him out.

If you couldn’t have guessed, this was just all a fun little spot for Omega and Ono. The sell for both spots were great for different reasons. In the end, both Omega and Ono closed the show together with a “Shoryuken” and walked off stage putting an end to Capcom Cup 2019.

This is not the first time Kenny Omega has been tied to something in the video game world. On Halloween, Omega dressed as Sans from Undertale during AEW Dynamite, complete with Megalovania as his entrance music.

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