Kerbal Space Program Creator's New Game Proves Flight Simulators are Back in Fashion

Balsa Model Flight Simulator is the latest PC game from Felipe Falanghe, the creator of Squad's popular Kerbal Space Program.

Felipe Falanghe created Kerbal Space Program, a very popular simulation-heavy PC game that is still supported to this day and is getting a sequel next year. That being said, Falanghe left Kerbal Space Program developer Squad in 2016. Today, we learned more about his next project: Balsa Model Flight Simulator. Check out its reveal trailer below:

As the game’s title suggests, it is a flight simulation game where players can craft their own model airplanes and then take to the skies with them. Floating Origin Studios is the name of the new developer Felipe Falanghe created to work on Balsa Model Flight Simulator, which will be published by PC Building Simulator’s The Irregular Corporation. The impending release of Balsa Model Flight Simulator, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, and even to a certain extent THQ Nordic’s revival of Comanche definitely shows that flight simulators are back in fashion after a long period in which they were fairly niche.

Of course, flight simulator fans are probably curious about what players will be doing moment-to-moment in this game. Of course, things start in a detailed plane editor where players can adjust both major and minor aspects of their model aircraft. Once the plane is built, Balsa Model Flight Simulator contains several different modes across four maps that it can be tested out in. It features a single-player campaign made up of various skill challenges, a sandbox mode where players can just fly around and relax, and even multiplayer PvE and PvP modes that support up to 16 players.

Additionally, Floating Origin Studios and The Irregular Corporation are building the game with the modding community in mind, so the game still has a lot of untapped potential outside of what it initially offers. Balsa Model Flight Simulator is currently only intended for PC and will release during mid-2020, so it should beat Kerbal Space Program 2 to market.

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