Kerbal Space Program Launches into Full Release This Month After Four Years in Beta

Kerbal Space Program Launches into Full Release This Month After Four Years in Beta

After four years of launching hilariously zany Kerbals into space (with results both good and disastrous), fans of the long-in-beta Kerbal Space Program will be taking one giant leap for mankind this week, as the popular space simulation title will finally leave beta and enter the orbit of a full release.

In a developer blog posted by team members from developer Squad, Kerbal Space Program is currently all a go for release on April 27th, 2015 in an official Version 1.0 release, proving a remarkable accomplishment in the title’s development. In this case, it’s one small step for man, and one giant leap for Kerbals.

Originally available in beta form since 2011, Kerbal Space Program hit Steam Greenlight in March 2013, with the first “complete” version of the game scheduled to release later this week. In celebration of the accomplishment, team members from Squad assure that the final days leading up to release are being spent on “cool final additions and tweaks” along with “improving that sense of completion” as final launch is nearing.

As this was the last dev note before the game’s launch, the developers at Squad also took to providing a short thank you to the fans and supporter of the game over the course of its beta/Early Access period:

“Not that this means there won’t be dev notes after the release, of course, but it’s a good opportunity to give you guys a massive THANK YOU!! To the entire KSP community, who stood by us throughout the four years we’ve been developing the game, who believed in our crazy notion of a build-a-rocket-and-fly-it game, and who continuously supported us through good and bad times, from the humble beginnings of our weird little project, all the way through today, as we stand on the brink of this huge moment for the game, and to us.”

Kerbal Space Program is set for its full release for PC, Mac, and Linux on April 27th, 2015 – several screenshots of new additions to the game’s final release are available below: