Key Reveals Next Major Visual Novel Title “Summer Pockets”

Key Reveals Next Major Visual Novel Title “Summer Pockets”

Japanese visual novel studio Key revealed their next project to be titled Summer Pockets.

It’s been five years since the studio’s last major release, Rewrite, and has been anticipated by fans over the past six months as the studio teased the new project.

The develop mean team has also be revealed:

  • Character Design – Tsubasu Izumi, Na-Ga, and Yuunon Nagayama
  • Writing Scenario – Yuu Niijma, Hasama, and Kai
  • Music – Shinji Orito, donmaru, Tomohiro Takeshita, and Jun Maeda
  • Producer – Touya Okano (writer on Clannad‘s Sunohara route)

During an interview with scenario writer Kai, it was mentioned that the setting will take place in Japan on an island in the Seto Inland Sea. The protagonist’s name is Hairi Takahara and he’s come to the island on personal business. Currently, there are four heroines in the story with sketch art displaying their final illustrations. Their names are Shiroha Naruse, Kamome Kushima, Ao Sorakado, and Wenders Tsumugi.

If you’re wondering if this game will make you cry like past Key visual novels, Kai reassures fans that the story is meant to evoke nostalgia and make readers think of past summer vacations.

More information is set to be provided at Key’s Comiket booth in Japan. Recently, we reviewed Key’s short form visual novel Harmonia and thought it was good.

You can check out a rough sketch of the heroines below: