Adorable Co-op Title KeyWe Now Has a Demo on Steam

Play as two tiny postmasters, Jeff and Debra, in the demo for KeyWe

August 28, 2020

Looking for a new Co-op title? Something a little less violent than Wolfenstein: Young Blood or less nightmare-inducing than Struggling? KeyWe, one of the many titles being put out by publisher Sold Out Software, could fill the cutesy cooperative hole in your gaming life.

KeyWe had a small presence during today’s Gamescom showcase, revealing a new gameplay trailer detailing the important work done by Jeff and Debra, two hard-working kiwi birds. In KeyWe, two players take control of the lil’ buggers and have to make use of a needlessly large and complicated typewriter to send out important messages. Whoever put together this keyboard certainly never heard of ergonomics.


Using a combination of butt-slams and hops, Jeff and Debra cobble together mail regarding tornados and downed power lines, pretty important subjects. Every level is timed, but with enough practice, cooperation and a bit of luck, you and a partner can get all the mail out before your shift is done.

In its gameplay demo from Gamescom, KeyWe‘s developers also hinted at some of what we haven’t seen of the game yet. Set in the rugged territory of Bungalow Basin, Jeff and Debra will have to deal with more than just an unruly keyboard. Eventually, the tiny duo will have to contend with monsoons, carnivorous plants and even paranormal activity.

From my first-hand experience with KeyWe this past PAX East, I can certainly say it’s shaping up to be a fantastic way to kill time with friends. But you won’t just have to take my word for it anymore. KeyWe now has a demo available on Steam, although you’ll have to act fast to see these birds in action, as it will only be available while Gamescom is running.

KeyWe is currently set to come out sometime in 2021 on PC via Steam.


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